Do not do this work immediately after eating food

Do not do this work immediately after eating food

Do not do this work immediately after eating food

How important it is to stay healthy in today’s fast-paced life and nutrition is also important along with a balanced diet. Eating food is one way we can get nutrients. And we can be healthy. We all know how important food is to us. Us you know that do not do this work immediately after eating food. If you do not know, then we will give you complete and detailed information about it in simple language.

Do not eat the fruit after eating:-

Mostly people eat fruit after food which is not considere right because fruits are already secreate by nature also, energy is not require to digest fruits. While it taken seven to eight hours to digest food. If we eat fruit after eating, then the fruit will digest quickely and the food which is digeste in late starts getting affecte. Those who have eaten before should digest it first. We should keep in mind that fruits should be consume before eating.

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Do not drink cold water:-

Water is very importance to digest food but water should not be drunk after eating food. Especially not cold water at all doctor and Ayurveda believe that drinking water after eating food is strictly prohibited because what is eaten after drinking water rot. And gastritis ends. Gastritis is the digestion of food. If we drink water after eating then gastritis will not be able to digest food properly. Therefore, we should keep in mind that water should not be consume immediately after eating.

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Don’t smoke cigarette:-

Don't smoke cigarettes:-

Cigarettes smoking has becomes a fashion these days. We all know how harmful cigarettes are for us. Many people enjoy smoking cigarettes. The doctor estimated that when we smoke a cigarettes immediately after eating a meal, that one cigarettes does many fold damage to our body. Along with this, it also increases dangerous diseases like cancer. Do not smoke cigarettes after meals as far is appropriate. For this reason, do not do this work immediately after eating food

Do not drinking tea:-

Do not drinking tea

Everyone likes tea and everyone drinks tea and enjoys it, But it is not considere right to drink tea after eating. Often people food, all our food gets digeste. But this is an illusion which is completely wrong. Because acidity increases after drinking tea. And we have trouble digestive what we have eaten. Our body does not gets the nutrients that our body needs. If you have a habit of drinking tea immediately after eating then improve it. And do not do this work immediately after eating food. Otherwise the body will suffer a huge loss. This is the reason why we should avoid tea immediately after eating food.

Avoid bathing:-

avoid bath

Who does not like to take a bath? We all like to take a bath, which is a right habit for our health. But we make a mistake, take a mistake bath immediately after eating. Ayurveda as well as medical science believe that we should avoid bathing immediately after eating food. Actually energy is required to digest food which is dependent on blood flow. In such situation our body temperature decreases and blood flow slow down. And there is a slowdown in digestion. This is why we should not take a bathe immediately after eating food.

Avoid sweet:-

Avoid sweet:-

Often many people have a habit of eating sugary after dinner. However, there is no harm due to the consumption of good mishri fruit juice after eating food. The harm is caused by consuming sugar-base substances. Because sugar is considered the most harmful source of sweetness.  Its first loss is high colories and high glucose we eat cercal and pulse vegetables in our food. It contains sufficient amount gloucose. Consuming sweet things after eating food increases the amount of sugar in the body. Due to which the risk of obesity and diabetes increases and the chemical is used in sugar. Causing  sugar to be acidic. Consuming sweet things after eating food makes it difficults  to digest food. So always eat sweet things at different times.

Don’t brush after eating:-

Don't brush after eating

By the way, it is very important to brush before sleeping at night. But brushing immediately after eating can be very harmful for our healthy teeth. Especially  after consuming acidic things. Such as lemon oranges which are high in citric acid. After the consumption of them, the teeth of our enamel become weak. In this case, brushing immediately causes huge damage to our teeth. So we should brush for thirty minutes after eating.

Do do not sleep immediately :-

Do do not sleep immediately

Often we fall asleep after eating food which is not considered a right habits. If we do this, then there is a lot of difficulty in digesting the food. And also the food does not digest properly. Like us, gas constipation, heartburn, indigestion and many dangerous diseases surround us. And our obesity increases. We should at least keep the difference between eating and sleeping for two to three hours.

Avoid walking and walking:-

Avoid walking and walking

Many people prefer to take a walk immediately after eating food which is not considere a right habit. Especially those working in the office walk immediately after eating food. So that the food can be digeste well, but it is a complete misconception. Because walking immediately after eating at night slow blood circulation. Simultaneously, the dilution becomes weak, but immediately after eating, the reverse effect happens on our body. We should walk ten to five minute after the meals so that the food can be digeste properly.