Cucumber tomato onion salads | Delicious recipe

Cucumber tomato onion salads | Delicious recipe

Who does not like to be healthy. Today every person wants to be healthy and happy. But this is not possible in today’s  fast pace life. Because today everyone wants speed in their everyday life, there is speed in his life. But there is a bad effect in his health. Because of which different kind of problem surround him. To avoid this, we must include a part of salad in our diet. To give us the strength to face there troubles. Because there is a lot of energy and fiber present in salad, which reduces the problems of healthy. By the way, different types of salad are made and eaten. But some vegetarian and non-vegetarian salad are also there and are also eaten. This is such a dish that if you eat then all your fiber deficiency goes aways.

Along with this, it also has the effect that the extra fat of our body starts decreasing and we start becoming thin. Similarly , we get many benefits from eating salad. let us know what is salad in this. What are the benefits of salad and

How to make cucumber tomato onion  delicious  recipe salad. By reading which you can also make this salads for yourself.


  • What is salad 

By the way salad are of vegetarian and non-vegetarian types. Because many things like fruits vegetables, grains raw vegetables, dry fruits gram moth, meat egg and paneer etc , are eaten by mixing them. This mixture is called salad. It is pure because fruits vegetables sprouted grain boiled vegetables and leafy green vegetables etc, are include in it Also it is very light to eat and easy to digest.

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  • How many types of salad are there

Everyone like different types of salad and it is made and eaten according to its own. Because there are mainly five types of salads which you will known one by one.

  1. Vegetable salad 
  2. Non-vegetables salad
  3. Fruits salad 
  4. Mixed salad
  5. Spouts salad
  • Vegetables salad :-

Vegetable Salad

This salad is the  most common salads made at every home and everyone eats this salad. It is mostly made from different vegetables and it is also easier to digest. This salad proves to be effective in reducing weights this is reason why everyone like to eat it. When different  types of vegetables are choppe and aade to this salad, its nutritional  valve increases due to which it is very easy to make. If you includes some amount of salad in your daily foods, then you will see faster movements inside the body with these salad vegetables. More fresh vegetables are used liked carrots, cucumber, spinach, fenu-greek , green chilies, tomatoes, onion, coriander, black salt and many vegetables are cut together. And it is also eaten, apart from this its taste is also better.

  • Non-vegetarian salad :-

Non vegetarian salad

This is the best salad for those who are found of non-vegetarian food, means those who do not like vegetarian salad. This is considere the best salad for them. Because it contain protein and energy only those who like meat their hobby is also fulfuill. This salad is made by adding meat  fish and it is also very much liked in countries around the world, and people eat it with great fervor. You can make it by adding meat of your choices and you can eat this salad. It has become clear that for non-vegetarians. It is no less than some excellent food. Whoever likes to eat vegetarian salad or is not interste in eating this salad, then you can this non-vegetarian.

  • Fruits salad :-

Fruits salad

We should fed this salad especially to small childern who are reluctant to eat vegetable or Children do not like green vegetables they must bed fed this fruits salad. Because this salad is made from thing like banana, apple, chikoo, grapes, orange, watermelon, pomegranate, kiwi, mango, papaya, strawberry, dryfruits,etc. Which childern  like to eat very wells as well as its taste is also liked by children.

  • Mixed salad :-

Mixed salad

Mixed salads is made up of many different vegetables. It doesn’t take much time to made and is rather quick to make. You can make it in more or less quantity as per your requirements. You can add vegetables as per your choice in this. Because this is a mixed salad. Those who are found of eating specials types of salad dishes must eat this. Because it is made of different raw vegetables. By the way, it has many benefits But the main advantages is that it very beneficial for the skin and hair of the body. Those who have any problems relateds to hair and skin doctor also advise them to eat this mixe salad so that the problems you have can be cure quickely.

  • Sprout salad :-

Sprout salad

This salads is best because the grain are soake and tied in a dry cloth to allow them sprout. Which double its nutritional quality. This salad is made of coarse grain. Grain like green grams,, chickspeas, moth beans etc. Come in this salad. It is better than other salad. Because it is sproute this sproute salad has more protein and energy.

  • Who can eat salad :-

By the way , people of all ages can eat it whether it is small or big all types of people can eat this salad. But we should eat salad in limited  quantity, eating too much is not good for our digestive system. Because it has been found that it is not right for us to eat anything in excess and it has adverse effect on our body.

  • Why should we eat salad :-

It is best to eat salad because it is made by cutting different types of vegetables and fruits so that we get maximum benefits from it. Apart from it gives your body many nutrients including protein energy and fiber. Which removes the deficiency of fiber and gives us  many benefits so we should eat salad.

  • What are the benefits of eating salad

There are many benefits of eating salad, which you will be able to see below one by one .

  1. Increase the energy of the body
  2. keeps the mind fresh
  3. reduce body fatigue
  4. is able to overcome the efficiency of fiber
  5. There is an increase in the immunity system
  6. The disease of anemia that you have by eating salads goes aways
  7. Facials skin the beautifull
  8. There is an increase in the level of metabolism
  9. Eating salads gives peace to the mind because salad is a satvik types of food
  10. Salad is trie to reduce body weights

All these and more benefits come from salads

Read further and know how to make cucumber tomato onion salad delicious recipe 

Here this is the ingredients to make cucumber tomato onion salad delicious recipe

  1. Take a cucumber according to your choice.
  2. Taking of the  two onion and cut them into small pieces.
  3. Take three tomatoes and cut them into the  small piece.
  4. According to you, you should cut green chilies like two or three.
  5. One lemon should be taken.
  6. Green coriander should be taken as per requirement.
  7. One teaspoon of plain salt, one teaspoon of fine black pepper powder.
  8. One to half spoon chat masala powder should be taken.
  9. At last you should start making it with your lovely hands.

How to make cucumber tomato onion salad delicious recipe 

  1. Wash tomatoes cariander cucumber chili lemon and onion and lemon throughly with clean water so that all the soil is remove from it and after that wipe it well.
  2. Now cut tomatoes green coriander cucumber chili and onion into fine pieces and cut them in a bowl.
  3. After putting it in the bowl first of all your have to add lemon juice to it so that you get the taste of sourness
  4. Add black salt, plain salt chat powder and cariander leaves as per your requirement and mix it well so that you get better taste in it. And let its ingredients mix well with each other.
  5. Take out this salad from the bowl in a plate and enjoy eating this salad.