cold sores | How to cure mouth cold sores

cold sores

cold sores | How to cure mouth cold sores

The month of march has started and the summer season has arrived. Mostly it has been found that having cold sores is a common thing during summers.These blisters definitely happens to same or the other throughout the year. Due to these ulcers,any normal person is neithers able to eat properly nor can be drink anything properly. Because of this his mind is not able to do any work propely . Or even if a delicious food item of his choice is place in front of him, he cannot eat it because cold sores bother him a lot. Or even if we try to drink water, because of this we cannot drink water properly .

By doing this it intensified the pain of the mouth. The colour of mouth ulcers is red and white. Mostly occurs on cold sores on lip, cold sores inside mouth, cold sores on tongue, cold sores inside the lip, cold sores corner of mouth and in the inner par of the mouth cold sores in mouth.  Do you have troubled by it. If you want to ged rid of this. So this articles is for all those who lives most of these mouth ulcers.

Let us know what are rid ways by which we can get rid of this blister problems.

What are the cold sores

In fact  in Ayurveda, it has been told openly about what blister are. You can think of it as. What the stomach fire of our body is very strong, it washes out food properly its job it to wash our food properly. But when to there is bile or any defect in it then due to this bile is not able to come out from our body. The result of which is that it starts generating heat in the body, due to which pimples start coming in the mouth you can it blister. That’s what cold sores  are.

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Where are the blisters

Specially their color is white and red they can be anywhere in the mouth. Mostly these blister occurs inside the mouth, on the lips, on the tongue, inside the throat, inside the lips, inside the tongue in the corner of the mouth or in the lower part of tongue. This problems mostly occurs in these placed.

How many types of blister are there 

By the way, mainly two types of blister have been found. First there are small blister and second there are big blisters. In this, you have seen told openly about both the blister one by one which is like this below.

  1. Small blisters :- Many times we eat wrong food items. The result of which is that the heat of our stomach increases due to which we get these small blisters. If is very small to see, its size it at least 2 to 6 centimeter. It get cured automatically in 10 to 15 days. But in this you feel jealous while eating a little. The marks that are caused by it are completely erased by you in a few days.
  2. Big blisters :- Whenever there is fever or any infection in the bones of our body, then these big blister appear in the mouth. It gives lot of pain and irritation. These is double pain while eating. Generally, if it does not get the right tratments, then its wounds becomes completely canker. They are much biggest as compared to small blisters and also they are more painfull. When it blister then even blood comes out form the mouth. But the marks that are these do not disappers completely. It taken a little longer for them to disappers

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What are the cause of the cold sores

These can be different reason for mouth ulcers.

  1. When there is excess heat in our body then only we get these blisters.
  2. poo gastric emptying.
  3. Eating pan masala gutkha and kharra etc.
  4. Consuming soar thing in excess
  5. Deficiency of vitamins in the body
  6. Don’t drink too much water.
  7. Using any local tooth paste without knowing what kind of toothpaste it is.
  8. Worry and  the stress.
  9. Eating too many antibiotics
  10.  Consuming too many harsh things like peeling the skin from inside the mouth.
  11. Accidentally bitting the inner skin of the mouth while eating
  12. Brushing vigo roustly while cleaning the mouth due to which the skin of the mouth is damage.
  13. Eating spicy hot and spicy food.
  14. This also happen to women who have any problems during period.

What the symptoms of cold sores

  1. There is difficultly in speaking while taking.
  2. Blood comes from the mouth.
  3. These is several pain and swelling inside the mouth.
  4. Fever comes.
  5. There is no desired to eat anything.
  6. The color of the tongue become more red.
  7. The skin of the mouth peels off from inside.
  8. These is more discomfort and pain while chewing food.
  9. Burning sensation in the mouth sharp pain and stinging feeling as if there is something inside the mouth.
  10. Wound are formed inside the mouth.
  11. Itchy lips and skin around the mouth.

People who have blister show these symptoms.

what to eat when you have cold sores.

  1. When we have cold sores, we should take protein rich food in our diet.
  2. soup of different vegetable should be drunk so that our mouth, throat and tongue get relief.
  3. Drink warm luck warm water to reduce the swelling of blisters.
  4. vegetable fruits and liquids should be consume.
  5. If possible, you should also drink fresh fruit juice.
  6. Curd milk and buttermilk should be include in your diet.
  7.  As far as possible for you. Till then you should eat fiber rich vegetables as well as salads.
  8. We should include this food in our diet when we have the problems of ulcers, those who have the problems. of ulcers, this is considere the best food them. Because this food contain element of excessive antioxidants which reduce this problems. So we should taken this food in our diet.

What is the best ointment for cold sores 

Nowdays, there are many types of oil maintences available in the market. That reduce the cold sores. But we should always use the doctor prescribed ointment because that’s what best for us. It has been found that people who use a prescription ointment from a doctor their blister are reduces as soon as possible. Also they are less prone to side-effect. So when you have ulcer and you feel that you need oil maintenance for mouth ulcer, then you should consult your nearest doctor. It should be discusse openly because only they can gives your the best ointment.

How to get rid of cold sore with home remedies

Often we should do home remedies for mouth ulcers because this is considere to be the most economicals treatment. It reduces our discomfort, but apart from this, the possibility of getting any side-effect from it remain negeligibles. While living this home remedy in our kitchen we should only use it in the right way. Let’s try to know which are home remedies by which we can overcome this problems.

We will learn about all the home remedies one by one. Which is as follows below.


  • Glycerin :- Glycerin is mostly used to make the skin soft beautiful shinny and glowing. But do you know that when we have cold sores you can also use glycerin to avoid it . All you have to do is apply it on the part of the mouth where you have these blister. If you used it on mouth ulcers. Then believe that you can get relief from it.


coconut oil

  • Coconut oil :- Coconut oil is also a good option. We cans use it in every way whether it is hair or our skin. The speciality  of this oil is that many types of special herbal properties are present in it. Which reduces many problems related to the body. Mostly it is use for heat massage or to keep the hair nice. But it because used on mouth ulcer, then it can also reduce it because its speciality is that it contain antioxidants element.
  • Which cures mouth sores completely. this is the reason why we should apply this oil on the blister so that this problem can be reduces.

Ghee or clarified butter

  •   Clarified butter :- When we talk about clarified, we should consume it daily because it contains calcium and healthy fat which increases the strength of the body. If you eat clarified butters, it soften the intestines of the stomach, due to which our digestives system starts working properly.
  • But if we take clarified butter on an empty stomach in the morning then here it gives us the power to fight againt many diseases due to which we do not get many types of diseases.
  • Eating one spoon of clarified butters daily greately benefits the immunity system, due to which the bones of the body become very strong. If clarified butter is eaten properly in summers, it also reduce cold sores. Because there is a lot of antioxidant s present in the clarified butter, which also cured wounds. This is the reason why elders of our house advise to eat clarified butter.

Luke warm water

    • Light luke warm hot water :- Lightly luke warm hot water is good for our health, but if we take it every morning in the morning , then we get more and butter benefits from it. Because taking luke warm water in the morning reduces the excess fat of the and also drinking lukewarm  water improve the digestive system. And the stool we have is soft. Another great benefits of luke warm water is that it reduces all kind of cold sores and their inflammations.

turmeric milk

  •   Turmeric milk :- Our body gets enough energy from milk, If you drink turmeric milk. So it also the ability to heal other minor wounds. Because the work of milk is that it strengthens the muscles and bones of the body. And also turmeric has speciality that it heals and kind of wounds. If turmeric milk is drunk instead of milk, it also given relief from the many problems. If you drink turmeric milk during cold sores, it reduces the pain and swelling of those  ulcers. Because turmeric milk is the best and best home remedies. This is the reason why grandfather and grandmother of our house ask us to drink turmeric milk daily so that we can avoid many diseases like obesity.

When should we go to the doctors. 

When you feel that you have tried all the home remedies and your problems is not getting resolve. So without wasting much times, you should visit the nearest doctor near you and tell them open about it. That the problems of blisters is not reducing, only then the doctors will be able to reduces your problems completely and you will be able to get rid of it.