How to relieve the stress

How to relieve the stress

How to relieve the stress

Stress is one of our biggest enemies. It makes us weak, hopeless and helpless inside. Stressful mind is one in which feelings like worry, fear, sadness come in us. That is what we call a tense mind. Due to stress, our whole body suffers internally and externally. Along with this our mind feels completely and disturbed and unwell in the body. The result of this is the that we are unable to do any work properly. But the way, stress happens to many people according to today’s times and many people are struggling with it. If we are not able to relieve stress, then we may have diseases like anxienty and anemia later on. Another biggest reasons for the stress is today is run-of-the-mill life. Althrough a littles stress is good for us, but a more stress life can prove  to be fatal for us.

You will learn in it the full extent of what stress is and how to relieve a stress.

What is a stress

Stress happens to everyone and it is also normal. But whenever we face any situations, we get stressed at that time. Or if we are not able to do any work properly, then at that time there is more pressure on our mind. We call it stress. In this our heart beats faster. Sometimes there is physical and mental restlessness in our body Sometimes the situation is opposite to normal, then due to stress we also sweat more.

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What cause stress

  • There is always controversy in the family.
  • Money tight.
  • Fear of more unemployment.
  • Sudden death of a person from any family.
  • Fear of being fired.
  • Child marriage stress.
  • The stress of writing children is education.
  • Fear of dying soon.
  • Always have differences with your friends.
  • Your work pressure is too much.
  • Change your home frequently from one place to another.
  • Family member failing more ill.

What are the symptoms of stress

  • More irritability.
  • Always be restless.
  • Getting angry over talk.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Quick memory loss.
  • Always thinking about bad things.
  • Always worry.
  • Weak eyes.
  • Decreased ability to think and understand.
  • Do not feel like studying.
  • Not feeling hungry properly
  • To ignore anything.
  • Digestive system disorder.
  • Not wanting to work.
  • Not sleeping properly at night.
  • Graying of hair at a young.
  • Always having physical and mentally weakness.
  • Not doing something properly.
  • Feeling tired even with littles work.
  • Dark circles under the eyes.

What are the home remedies to reduces stress

You can also use home remedies to reduces stress. This will gradually reduces your stress.

  • Get up early every morning.
  • You should drink cold water every morning after waking up.
  • You should drink lemon water every morning.
  • Spend time with your family.
  • If possible, you should listen to music during times of stress.
  • At night you should takes a glass of milk before sleeping, which will makes you sleep soon and your stress will also go away. These home remedies will relieve your stress.

What are the damages caused to our body due to stress

  • Get angry over the matter.
  • The power to think less.
  • Not Sleeping properly at the night.
  • There is a rift in the family member.
  • The heart becomes very weak and the changes of heart attack remain high.
  • Using alcohol or drinking alcohol.
  • Our health completely deteriorates due to stress.
  • Decresed vision of the eyes.
  • Heat beat gets faster due to stress due to small things. Who are more likely to get heart diseases.

How many types of stress are there

Actually there are two main types of stress. Of which the first is physical stress and the seconds is mental stress. But these two tension are very different from each other. Physical stress is the stress related to the body and mental stress is the tension related to the mind.

What should we eat under stress

In today’s hectic life. Everyone has stress, whether it is small or big, everyone has stress. To keep stress away, you have to take specials care of your diet a little. If you are able to do this then your stress may be reduced to some extent. Along with this, keeps us and our mind and body free from stress. That ‘s why we must consume these things under stress. Which has been told to you us follows.




Whenever we start feeling like stress, then we should eat chocolate at that time. This reduces our stress and our memory is also good.




Although milk is very beneficial for us, but If we add turmeric to milk, then we get doubles benefits of it. Firstly it relieve our stress. The seconds is that we get anti-inflammantory   and anti-oxidant properties from turmeric. Drinking turmeric milk reduces the problems of our anemia and insomnia.



You can also use oatmeal this gives you a good amount of energy. If you use it in the morning then you get more benefit from it. Because anti-oxidant element are present in oatmeal, which are considered very beneficial and beneficial for us.

Nuts and seeds:- 

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contains omega-3 which relievers stress. Omega-3 gives rest to the nerves of our brain. Which reduces our stress and makes us feel good many element like vitamin E, magnesium and zinc are founds in grain and seeds. It also gives a lot of benefit to our body. When the situation of tension arises at that times we must consume grain and seeds.

 Vegetables :- 


In the event of stress, we must eat light food such as spinach, fenugreek, green vegetables, these includes. You will also get protein from these vegetables and these vegetables are also very easy to digest because our digestive power becomes very weak during times of stress. That’s why we should eat green vegetables during times of stress.



You  should takes honey in lukewarm water every morning as soon as you wake up. This given a good boost to your immunity. Due to which the problems of getting many diseases is greatly reduces. Support there are sport on your on your body. It reduces your blemishes. It does not cause any infection on your body. Rathers, honey has the ability to reduces any kind of infection here. Honey has antibiotic properties which definitely tries to heals the wounds of the body.

Some very specials ways to relieves stress

Exercise day:-

exercise day

Just as food is very important for our body, in the same ways exercise is also necessary for the development of our body. Our body gets energy by eating but, exercising gives our body a healthy body. Exercising daily also reduces our stress. Exercise not only benefits us, but it also keeps our mind calm. You can relieve your stress through exercise. This is the reason that we should do same exercise every day, through which we can relieve our stress.



Mediation is the work of removing stress, but we have to know what is mediation. Only then will we be able to mediate properly. You can understand meditation in such a way that it is a specials types of sitting practise. We keep trying to concentrates our mind or wish to get something in our body. This is what you can call mediation in your ordinary language. Through meditation, we give an urge  to the energy of our body, due to which our mind becomes calm and inner strength arises insides us. Which we can removes things like worry, stress, anger mediation relieve our stress but apart from this our memory power is also good.

Listen to music:-

Listern to music

Whenever we get restless, at that time we should resort to music to calm down the stress. That is to say whenever the mind becomes depressed, music is the best way to relax the mind. Because listening to music reduce stress as well as gives great pleasure to the mind. And we get positive energy. listening to music gives good effect to our  brain , But it also improves our mental ability. According to the report neurosurgens those who have stress, If they take the help of music for some time before sleeping at night then their stress is significatly reduced.

And get a good deep sleep at night. When we wake up in the morning we are full of energy . It has been proved through a study that the treatment of many disease is possibles through music therapy. It not only curve diseases, but it also reduces the pain that does not arise in our body. Music is the must effective ayurvedic medines to relieve stress.

Believes in Yourself:-

Believe in yourself

Any who believe in himself can do any work in the world because every kind of work is considered easy for that person. But those who do not believes in them-selves, such persons are victim of mental stress. They start too feel that they cannot do any work . At the same time their confidences also decreases. Due to which stress takes them in their grip. As s results they have to face many problems. But if you believes in yourself and you say in the mind that I can do whatever I think. It is said that your confidences gradually inecreses, due  to which you start having complete confidences in yourself. The result is that all your work is done properly and your stress also start decreasing. That’s why you should always believes in yourself.

Always think  positive:-

Always think positive

No ,Matter how adverse the situation, we should always think positives. This is the best key to releasing the first stress. You have to take full care of this. You should never let the negatively dominates you. If this happens then you can get into big troubles. The result of this will come out in such a way that your through will also becomes negatively. And you will comes in a states of tension. And the negatively in you will increases even mores. You need some change to put yourself in a state of good through.

  1. As you should never considered yourself less than others.
  2. Don’t let negetively peoples around you
  3. You should stay away from things that lower your confidences.
  4. We should try to know ourselves. By this you will definitely understand your weakness and strength.
  5. Always laughing should be because laughing is very important for our health and it also reduces stress very much
  6. You should always thank god for whatever you have.