Raw vegetable for health

Raw vegetable for health

Vegetables are the food that makes us fit and healthy. Vegetables have always been consider the best effective and effective diet for us. we have been living our life only by consuming vegetables. It has been found that people often know that vegetables are more beneficials for our health. But it is not known that row vegetables or cooked green vegetables prove to be more beneficials for us. we have innumerable benefits of eating cooked vegetables. And eating raw green vegetables too. But the work of both of them is same which is the same. That is to give you maximum energy and keep you healthy.  Very few of us are aware of the information about how beneficials raw vegetable are.

What are the benefits of eating raw vegetables

We get innumerable benefits of eating raw vegetables raw vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants which are good for our body. If you are trouble  by your increasing weights then you should eat raw vegetables. This will also reduce your weight and you will also be more healthy. You can get an idea of how beneficials raw vegetables can be for us. If there is a lack of fiber in your body, then you should consume these raw vegetables well. this will remove all your lack of fiber. Another benefits we get by eating raw vegetables is that our skin become beautiful and glowing and glowing from it.

How much raw vegetables should we eat in a day

Raw vegetables should be eaten according to your diet. This will prove to be good for you. If you do this then you get more benefits from it. consuming anything in excess can be harmful to your body. You should try that raw vegetables should always be eaten by measuring them. This will be perfect for you. If you do not do this then your digestion may become difficult and your stomach may get upset. Therefore, you should eat these raw vegetables according to your diet.

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Which and what kind are these raw vegetables

Raw vegetables includes many different types of vegetables like carrots, radish, tomato, spanich, leaf cabbage, cucumber etc. Also the size and colour of raw vegetables are different from each other.  In these, you get plenty of beneficials elements like vitamin fiber minerals.

Can everyone eat raw vegetables

Although everyone, can eat raw vegetables, but especially children and old people should no consume them. If children and old people consume it, then they may have to face some difficulty in digestion it. Therefore, children and old people should consume raw vegetable in small quantity us.

Which vegetables is better between raw vegetables and cooked vegetables

Raw vegetable and cooked vegetables have their own unique  benefits. But both the vegetables have same the same function. that is to make you healthy. In fact raw vegetables are better than cooked vegetables takes out nutrients. because of this, you do not get all the nutrients of the cooked vegetables. for this reason, you should consume more raw vegetable .

Best raw eating vegetables for health

  • Radish:-


If you have a complaint of stone or if you are fighting with kidney stone diseases, then you must consume radish. If it is possible for you, then you should drink the juices of radish leaves as soon as you wake up in the morning. With radish leaves, your stone problems will go away in a few days. if you do not like radish leaves  juices, then you can also eat radish in the form of salad

  • Cabbage:-


If you want to increases your immunity, then you should eat cabbage. It will increases your immunity and you will also stay away from many diseases. people who are troubles by their increasing weight. they are always advise to eat cabbage. Eating cabbage weight is reduce because calories are found in very less quantity in it. It has been prove in a survey that people who have very little eyesight, they must eat cabbage. By doing this your problems will completely go away in a few days. And your eyes will be completely fine. there are so many benefits available, so you should definitely includes cabbage in your diet plan.

  • Carrot:-


Who does not like carrot everyone likes it. Carrots are consume in large quantities especially during winters. Because in winter days better carrots are available and good carrots are available and good carrots are there.  We also get many benefits from this. A reseach  has found that people who eat more carrots for a week continuously, their skin become beautiful and orange in color. because it contains a nutrients call its beta carotene. which makes the skin beautiful and orange. And here the nutrients also proves to be very beneficials for our body. This is the reason why we must consume raw vegetable like carrots.

  • Tomato:-


Today everyone is familiar with tomato as it is the most commonly use in indian cuisine. It is use in the home of every indian because it has a very special significance. Tomato is more special because every indian vegetables starts with tomato. So it’s so specials tomato has many speciality that it contains anti-oxidant element which reduces the problem of eye diseases. If you eat a raw tomato early in the morning, then it can prove to be very beneficials for your health. because it contains enough minerals element like potassium vitamin C in it. Apart from this, your digestion system is good by consuming tomatoes. Tomato contains citric acid which improves your digestion, so you should eat raw tomato vegetables.

  • Cauliflower:-


Who doesn’t like to eat cauliflower. Everyone likes this vegetables. Everyone eats it with great gusto. Cauliflower is known and famous all over the world for its taste. If you eat cauliflower raw, then you get many natural properties like anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals. You can also use it as a cauliflower paratha. That is to say, you can use it however you want. If you use raw cauliflower then you get more benefits from it. If you have small children in your house then you can feed them this vegetables. By the way, small children like this vegetables very much, which children consume it. Their brain develop quickly. Because cauliflower proves to be very beneficial for the brain. If you eat cauliflower raw regularly, then you get innumerable benefits of it. Which is like this you have been told below.

  1. It corrects the digestive system.
  2. It reduces the increasing weight.
  3. This is the work of cauliflower to strengthen the weak bones.
  4. Removes dangerous diseases like  cancer.
  5. Cauliflower vegetables for anemia patients is the best.