World most expensive restaurant

World most expensive restaurant

 World most expensive restaurant

Food has always been an important part of our life. Because of this we been living our life. For this reason food holds a very high status for us. Food has a district specialty around the would. And the food has got its own specialty in different status and in different countries. Whenever we have to eat variety of food, at that time we miss the hotel a lot. Then we go to the hotel and taken away the food. Apart from this, you can also enjoy foreign food in the restaurant. This is the reasons why we all like to eat food in restaurant. You can get an idea of how important food is for us. Lets know about the most expensive and stranger restaurant in the would.

If you are more eager to eat here then all your pocket money can be completely loose. Because it is very difficult for the common man to eat food in these restaurants. The reasons for this very expensive restaurant in the would. If there is no shortages of money for you then you can enjoy the feel taste and enjoyment by visiting this restaurant.

Top 5 World most expensive restaurant



When we hear the name of switzerlands, the first thing that comes to out mind is naturals beauty, hills mountains and valleys. This small country situated in Europe is like a paradise in itself. If you ask me where is heaven on earth, it is here. Millons of people from all over the world come to this place to celebrated their honey moon with their partner.Do we all know this.

But do you know that there is such a restaurant here which has made a different identity in the whole world. The name of this restaurant is DE HOTEL DE VILLE CRISSER  which is located in switzerland. If the menu is followed in this, then you get eat is types of dishes in it. Along with eating in this restaurant you get to see the best view. Milllons of people from all over world come this restaurant to eat and it is consider a very popular and expensive restaurant .

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This restaurant named masa is located in a place in the state of new York USA. The food of this restaurant is very good, due to which millons of people from all over the world come to eat or eat in this restaurant. If we talk about the architecture of this restaurant , then it is very simple  and specials. And it is consider to be the most expensive and beautiful restaurant in the newyork. Millons of people from all over the world make reservation in this restaurant to come here. There is only the way to get here. That reservation cannot be enter in this restaurant without reservation. This restaurant is run by a head  chef named masa, due to which the name of this restaurant has fallen.



Spain is counted among the most beautiful countries in the world. And it is knows as a developed country of European segment. It has been told in a survey that it has been called the 12th happiest country in the world. Along with this, spain is also very famous for its food. And the food here is also very tasty.

It would not be wrong to call this spain’s sublimation Ibiza the world is most expensive restaurant because everything in this restaurant is the best. Everything from food to architecture has been consider excellant. It gives you 21 dishes in its main menu which are said to be the best dishes in the world. And to taste these dishes, different types of people come here in this restaurant. This restaurant in spain is open only for a few months, that is to say, It is from june 1 to august 30. The cost of one direction of this restaurant is around RS.40000. Which is too much. Accordingly it is include in the most expensive restaurant in the world.



Have you ever eaten in a restaurant. So you would say that what kind of questions is this. Everyone definitely eats food at some point in the restaurant . But if you have eaten in a restaurant that is completely underwater then of course you will say no. If you are thinking of holidaying then you must visit Maldives. Because it is the world’s first underwater sea restaurant. Where you can go and eat food apart from the beautiful view. By the way, if seen Maldives is consider a very beautiful place.

But Maldives is known all over the world for its beautiful restaurant. If you want to eat food here in this restaurant, then you will have to pay 30,000 in idian rupees here, the restaurant is located at a place nam rangoli. If we talk about  the this restaurant then this restaurents  build in the depth of 100 meter of water. If you eat here, you will enjoy it twice. Because apart from eating here, you also see the beautiful view which is very wounderful in itself. Talking about the seating capacity of this restaurant,only 14 people can sit here, you need to make a reservation to go here. According, it is includ in the list of most expensive restaurant in the world. The name of the owner of this restaurant in mark amorony.



A counry which is known all over the would for its technology. That country is japan. By the way, japan is popular all over the would for its uniques nature and its cuture. This country is a fully developed country because every work here is done, according to technology. Because of this, japan is ahead of many countries. To do many things in this country. It is countrymen get immense facilities. Along with this, it is the first country in the would that first invented the bullent train. Apart from its technology, japan is also famous would wides for its food and drink.

And the restaurant here are also very hi-tech. especially japan KITCHO  ARAYASHIYAMA  restaurant is very famous. Everything in this restaurant is very high-tech and the food is also very tasty. This restaurant is located in Tokyo. The capitals of japan. By the way, a survey has found that Tokyo is largest city in the world. KITCHO ARAYASHIYAMA  restaurant gives you 10 directions  in its dining. Whatever these 10 directions are it is very much the best. After which you can eat these dishes with great fun and enjoyment. If you go to this restaurant to eat food, then you will have to pay rupees 50000 according to the dishes. Because of which this restaurant in japan is one of the most expensive restaurant in the world.