Most expensive fruits in the world

Most expensive fruits in the world

Most expensive fruits in the world

To keep ourselves, fit healthy and better, we eat many types of fruits from the markets. from these fruits we get enough energy and good element like fiber but have you eaten such fruit which is different and best. Which everyone want to eat, but is unables to eat it because this fruit is the most expensive fruit in the would. You must have good luck if you want to eat these fruits. Only then will you be able to eat these fruit or else not. You will know in it that common man cannot even touch it because it is include in the list of most expensive fruits in the world.

Top 9 best most expensive fruit 

Taiyo no tamago mango :-

Taiyo no tamago mango

Oh hearing the Name of this fruit, you must have remembered japan because such different names are there only in japan. The mango you are seeing is not an ordinary mango, but it is found in japan. this mango the color is light red and yellow. This mango needs more  care as this rare mango is found only in japan. And they are also very expensive. Just ,as its name is very different similarly the taste of this mango is also very different. It weight up to 350 grams. And this mango is cultivate in the month between summer and winter. If you eat this mango, then you will find this mango sweet but along with it will also get the taste of coconut and pineapples.

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Ruby roman grapes :-

Ruby roman grapes

From its name, you must have felt that this grapes is from rome because it has rome in its name. This grape is not from rome but it is a beautiful grape from japan usually the grape that we eat are of different sizes. But this ruby roman grapes found in japan is of a similar size.This is a special feature of these grapes. If we talk about its cultivation , then this cultivations is done in any one seasons. According to a custom the people of japan buy this ruby roman grape as a gift to each other. Ruby roman grape weight up to 17 grams and is light red in color. You can also place it in the category of premium grapes. According to a report this one ruby roman grapes was sold in 2019 for close to seven lakhs.

Black diamond apples :-

Black diamond apples

If we talk about apples, we have seen and eaten red green and light yellow apples. Have you heard of black diamond apples. This apples is found in the gardens of the hills of Tibet. They are cultivate here because the climate of Tibet is best for these apples. In other places they are not cultivate. If we talk about its color, then it is found in black and purpose color.

Apart from this, it shines like a black diamond. If we talk about its properties, then it is more sweet and tasty than red green and light yellow apples. The apples we eat are generally available to us from the market at 100  per kg. This one apples found in Tibet is sold from 2000 to 2500 thousand. If we talk about its quality then its quality is better than other apples. That ‘s why it is the most expensive apples in the world.

Yubari melon :-

Yubari melon

The melon we eat in summer coast around RS 100 to 200 per kg. But this melon grown in japan is sold for 20 to 25 lakhs. Because it is considere to be the most reverse fruit there. That’s the reasons. This fruit is grown in the greenhouse by protecting it from sunlight. The name of this melon is yubari melon  because it is found in the place named yubari, hence it is called yubari melon.

According to a servery, from 2008 to 2019, till now it has been sold up to 25 lakhs. Especially the people of japan buy this melon to give gifts to each other.You will find that  the texture of this melon is exactly the same as compare to other melon. Whether buys this melon in japan is said to be a most respecte person on. When it auetioned  its very good decorated and delivered in a beautiful box.

Simpo air fruits :-

Simpo air fruits

Have you eaten a fruit that almost look like a flower as if it is a beautiful flower. Just as the name of this flower is strange, so is fruit flower too. The special thing about this fruit is that when this fruit is fully ripe, then this fruit takes the shape of a flower. Due to which it becomes difficult to identify, is it a fruit  or  a flower. This fruit is found in the forest of japan. If we talk about its leaves then it is much biggest than the common leaves. The grain of this fruit are red like pomegranate. It is use to make many medicines and to reduce the problems of hair.

Square watermelon :-

Square watermelon

Summer season is going on all over india at this time as it is the mouth of may. And at this time to keep ourselves fresh, we consume fruit like watermelon. This is a common thing during the summer days. Have you eaten a watermelon that is square in shape.

So you would say what kind of questions is this a square watermelon found in japan. Its special thing is that it is completely square shape and it is very tasty to eat .Usually the watermelon we get from the market it round or egg-shaped, but this watermelon found in japan is completely square in shape.

Actually the thing, then it is put in a square shape slot. When the watermelon is fully grown, it becomes a square shape. This is the reason why japanese watermelon are always square shape. The watermelon we eat are usually available to us from the market at the rate of 80 to 90 per kg. But this Japanese watermelon sells for 80000. That or is the most expensive fruit in the world.

Mamey sapate :-

mamey sapate

We do not know what the cake pastry, jam and wine, things like these, we eat or drink are made of  it. But we will definitely tell you about it. Like the rest of the ingredients, it is use in things like cakes, pastries, jam and wines. It is even used in the ice cream we eat. It looks likes  a sapphire. And it gets bigger. You can also call it the largest sapphire in the would. Because it look like a sapphire. The vanilla ice cream we eat is made from its fruits. Because its taste is like vanilla and sweet. Mamey sapate is found only in the mexico and central America.

Densuke watermelon :-

Densuke watermelon

Have you eaten the most largest and heaviest watermelon then you would say no. Because this is not a sold melon. It is an improve variety of watermelon found in japan. The watermelon we eat usually weight 3 to 4 kg, But this watermelon growing in japan weight 10 to 15 kg. And it doesn,t  spoil and dries quickely. The watermelon we eat usually dries up after a few days. But this japan desnsuke melon remain the some for some days. And neither does it dry out nor does it lose any taste this is the speciality of this watermelon.

The special thing about watermelon is that when you eat this watermelon, you get its taste uniform and you get plenty of water in it. Compared to the common melon we eat. If we talk about its price, then this watermelon is sold for five to six lakhs. That’s why densuke watermelon is consider the most expensive watermelon in this world. You can get a great sports like instead of this watermelon. If you want to eat this watermelon. You will find it in japan. It will not be found in other places.

White jewel strawberry :-

White jewel strawberry

Often the red strawberry we eat are almost sweet. But have you tasted a strawberry that is white in colour. This strawberry is found in japan. When you see it  from outside,you see it white and from inside you see it light yellow. It is very sweet eat. But you get taste of pinapple and candy in it. It is use for candy cakes and pastries. If we talk about its price then this strawberry is sold for thousand rupees. It is much smaller than red strawberry but its taste comes out better than red strawberry.