Home remedies on dry cough

Home remedies on dry cough

Home remedies on dry cough

By the way it is generally not good for us because it only hurts us. Whether it is dry or mucus. During dry cough when we cough, there is more pain in our throat, due to which we feel more pain. Dry cough is a cough in which there is no phlegm or mucus , but in this there is a lot of pain insides our throat. There can be many reason for dry cough. These common symptoms are present in those who have dry cough.

As frequent wetting of the nose, fever, etc has been found in dry cough. When we have dry cough. During that time we seen these common symptoms  of cough. It is also possible that someone may see different and changing symptoms of cough. But it depends on what type of cough you have. Let us know in this what are the home remedies on dry cough.

What is dry  cough 

If we  say cough in one word, then it is the dirt and dust accumulated insides your body. You can call this the meaning of dry cough. But according to the doctor, when the infection goes to out lungs and at that time the air that comes out comes from insides and the sound that comes from our mouth. You can call it cough.

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What are the cough of dry cough

These can be various and many reason for having a dry cough.

  1. Such as climates changes
  2. Due to low immunity
  3. By eating excessively cold
  4. Aliergies
  5. Because of the extreme cold
  6. When the dust in removed from the lungs
  7. Or because of some kind of infection
  8. Due to the addition to smoking excessively
  9. Due to the change of water

Because of all these, you are more likely to have a dry cough.

What are the symptoms of dry cough

We seen these symptoms when we have  a cough condition. But it may also happen that someone symptoms  may appers differents. If this happens then you must consult. Your doctor about it.

Symptoms of cough are as follows

  1. Body aches
  2. Fever
  3. dizzy
  4. Not wanting to eat anything
  5. Bitter taste of taugues
  6. Nose wet the nose again and again
  7. Sudden chills
  8. Nasal congestion
  9. Changes in throat voice
  10. Lack of strength in the body
  11. Difficulty in breathing

These symptoms are seen when coughing etc.

Do’s and don’ts for dry cough

Dry cough is a common things specially in the winter season. But when we get cough then you should take special care of some things. So that your dry cough becomes vey less.


  1. Don’ts go outside the house much
  2. Keep your distances in a certain way from the people around  you
  3. If you have a habit of smoking then you should avoid smoking during the time you have a cough
  4. Cold things should not be consume
  5. If you have a cough, you should put your hand over your mouth.


  1. Eat food protein food
  2. If your cough is not under your control, then you should definitely get it treate by your doctor. If you don’t do this, you may end up with a lot.
  3. Warm liquid should be consume so that you get good rest
  4. when cough comes, you should keep a handkerchief or hand over hand mouth
  5. If possible, you should take a bath with warm water.
  6. Drink hot water

What are the types of cough

If we talk about it, then different type of cough are present. And their symptoms are also of different types. that’s why it is very difficult to say that there is only one type of cough.

Generally there are three to four types of cough which are mentione below.

  • Dry cough :-

    In this you do not see any mucus, hence it is called dry cough. When someone has a dry cough, there is more pain and burning in the throat. And the throat becomes completely red from inside. In this you do not need to worry much because dry cough is a common thing. And there is nothing to worry you much. because it happens to any common person. It does not mean that you should be happy, it is also a kind of dry cough. Which you should take proper treatment for it. If you are unable to do this then your dry cough may also increase.

  • Whooping cough :-

    Whooping cough is very dangerous because there is a fear of spreading infection and bacteria in it. this whooping cough produces a large amount of infection in your chest due to which you feel pain while breathing and coughing. This cough is more deadly than other cough. Because when someone has a persistent cough for 3 to 4 year, then the name of this cough is whopping cough. If you do not treat this cough properly, then you may have to lose your life due to this cough and your life due to this cough and your life may also be lost.

  • the symptoms of this cough are not like normal cough but they are different and reverse. Like if you get very high fever in it. these is several chest pain. Fatigue and loss of appetite and many other symptoms occurs. According to  the national health authority people who have whooping cough need more care. Because it spreads the infection in the chest at a faster rate than the common cough.
  • Common cough :-

    This cough can be due to changing whether and not having the right kind of food. Or even eating more cold and sour things causes this cough. In this you neither see mucus nor do you see any kind of infection. It is only because of changing whether and changing routine that you get this common cough.

  • Tuberculosis cough :- 

    Tuberculosis and TB are serious disease. You can also TB it in easy languages can say. When some one has TB he has to cough more. This is a common symptom of recognizing it. It spreads infection inside the chest by infection the chest by infection the chest and lungs. In TB cough, many organisms that infect micro-bacterial are found and are also present. It is a disease in which the infection of animals progresses more rapidly. Because according to an indian survey, many milions of people are exposed to TB causes every year. Out of which many thousands of people lose their lives due to TB cough. Therefore, TB cough is more severe and deadly.

Home remedies  dry cough

  • Ginger:- 


Ginder is a beneficial medicine use in  our daily marra’s kitchen. It is use in all. Whether it is making  spices or for making medicines. This ginger cures many diseases because if seen according to ayurveda , it is a very miraculous, beneficials and rate type of medicine. Every single element is present in it. Which is very essential for our body. If we consume it, we get many benefits. As cancer is reduce sugar level is controlle, good for the heart, women who have menstrual problems also reduce it. Also if you have dry cough then you should consume ginger using it will reduce your dry cough. This is the reason that when we have dry cough,then home remedies should be taken at that time.

  • Turmeric:-


Turmeric has been used traditionally for thousant of years because it has a specialty of its own. It is used for all kinds of work. There is a clean reason for this, turmeric is considere very auspicious and holy. That’s why turmeric is used lot of ceremonies like marriage. Turmeric has a specials status of a high level herb in ayurveda. Turmeric is just like ginger in appearances, but its colour seems to be different. By the ways, the colour of turmeric is yellow and the colour of ginger is white. Look very similar but turmeric is much more effective and beneficial that ginger. It has been found that the kitchen of an indian household is considere incomplete without turmeric because according to india tradition, no vegetables can be made without turmeric. Turmeric is usully used for home remedies because it  protect us from many diseases.

  • Garlic cloves:-

Garlic cloves

Garlic is use more in every kitchen of indian house to make the food tasty and flavourfull. Especially garlic is used more for tempering pigeon peas. If it is not tempering the pigeon peas is considere incomplete. Garlic has the ability to relax the mucles of the body and stablilized blood pressure and increasing cholestrol level. If there is no garlic in indian food then that dish is not considere to have taste. Because the work of garlic is to give taste to the food. Not only garlic but also its oil, you can use it according to your taste to improve it. Its oil is generally helpful in preventing hair foll. And you also get countless benefits of its oil. By the way, if we eat raw garlic mixed with a little salt, then our sore throat and dry cough get relief.

But if you use garlic in your food, then the taste of your food gets enhance. Garlic is the best ways to clean the dirt accumulated in the body. It contain many types of element which protect us from many diseases. Such as iron phousphous, magenese,carbohydrates zinc, thainmine, and niacin,many such special types of innumerable element are present. If we use garlic as a home remedies then you cannot even imagine that we get such benefits.

  • Honey:-


Now the winter season is on at the time honey is the best to keep your self warm and healthy. By eating honey, heat remain in our body, due to which we get very less diseases in winter. Althrough it has been found that whenever we have cough and you are very trouble by your cough, then you should eat honey. As Much as it is sweet and tasty to eat, So many nutrient are the properties of honey. We can use honey the way we want. It only benefits us. If you have any would or infection in any part of the body, then you should use honey with closed eyes.

Because it has the ability to remove all kinds of wounds and infection. The main reason reason for this is that honey contains antioxidants which heals wounds and infection. Often those who have fatigue and weakness, it is very important to eat honey it remove all kinds of weakness, if honey is taken in warm milk and lukewarm water, it increase our better and more. And completely reduces our dry cough. This is the reason why doctor’s also advise to take honey on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning. If we do home remedies for honey, to the hospital for the best of our life.

If you follow these home remedies then you will never have any problem of dry cough throughout your life.