Home remedy for constipation

Home remedy for constipation

Home remedy for constipation

constipation has become a problem that is considere very common. Due to this, all kinds of people have lot of trouble. Because of the right kind of lifestyle and irregular eating habits. Everyone has been facing the problem of constipation. And at the same time the number of patient with constipation in increasing. It is said that half of our problem are related to the stomach. Whenever we eat something wrong, its direct result is an our stomach and our stomach get upset.

Due to which we have to sit in the toilet for a long time or even we go to the toilet many time in a day. Who is force not to spend our whole day in the right way. Constipation causes problems, but at the same time due to constipation a persons become completely angry and irritable. Not only this, due to the problems of constipation for a long time our stool become hard and there is difficulty in defecation. As a result of this, there is a possible of getting a new diseases. Often we ignore constipation if constipation is not treated on time, it invites many disease due to which there is a risk of piles.

You must have realized that constipation is not a small problems but it is a very big problem. If you want to get rid of constipation then you have to do there effictive home remedies for constipation.  So that you can get rid of it quickly, let us know what are the home remedy for constipation.

  • What is constipation

When we eat food, that food goes into our stomach and our digestion process starts. In this action, that food is consume by our body and the rest of the food comes out of  our anus. This is a normal condition but when this remains in the stomach and becomes faeces.  In this condition the faecal matter gets accumulate in the intestines of the stomach. The one who has disturbances in digestion when the time for defection comes and the stool comes out of the anus, at that time the stool become very hard. Also there is a lot of pain and discomfort during bowels movements. And there is no desired to go to the toilet. When we go to the to toilet, at that time our stool comes out then we have to exert more force.

  • Why does constipation happens 

There are many reasons for constipation. The following is like this.

  1. Eating less fiber rich food
  2. Drinking water is small quantity
  3. Disorderly lifestyles and irregular eating habits
  4. Not chewing food properly.
  5. Eating at any time
  6. Eating food even when not hurgry
  7. Not doing and kind of hard work or being lazy
  8. Eating more oily food
  9. Consuming fast and spicy things
  10. Keep sitting in one place
  11. Not having breakfast
  12. Fasting more
  13. Do not go the toilet
  14. Eating any special kind of medicine
  15. Tea and drink a lot
  16. If someone is worried and sad then also there is a possibility of constipation.
  17. Taking more while eating
  • What are the symptoms of constipation

It also has different symptoms. But the biggest feature is that it produces gas in the stomach and the stomach also remains full. Apart from this your stomach remain bloated as if you have just eaten to see other symptoms.

You will get the symptoms of constipation below

  1. Deterioration of the digestive system
  2. Bad smell from stool
  3. Completely distubed mind
  4. Bad breath from the mouth
  5. Abdominal heaviness
  6. Bleeding from the anus
  7. pain during urinations
  8. Several pain and embers in stool
  9.  Mouth ulcers
  10.  Not watching to go the toilet much

All there symptoms appears on the constipation

  • Due to  constipation

There can be many reason for constipation like

  1. Drinking very less water
  2. Eating less fiber foods
  3. Worry about something
  4. Lying down soon after eating
  5. Taking more drugs
  6. Not eating food at the right times
  7. Keep sitting in one place. If you say this, do not exercise
  8. Drink more tea coffee. Sleep at any time or not sleeping at the right time
  9. Eating when not hungry
  10. Not going for bowel movement is also the biggest reasons for constipation
  11. Eating oil, flour chili spices and fried food
  • What are the disadvantages of constipation

Constipation causes various types of damage to our body. You will find the disadvantages of constipation as read below

  1. Having piles
  2. Burning sensation in the stomach
  3. Chest pain
  4. Not feeling hungry
  5. Feeling tired
  6. Excess body weight rain
  7. Diseases resistances is affecteds
  8. The colour of the blood becomes black, which means the blood slowely starts getting spoiled
  9. The passage through which the stool comes out, the skin over there is pulled due to which there is a lot of pain in coming of the stool.

We see these types of losses in constipation.

  • What diet should be taken in case of constipation

First of all, we will know what we should do and what we should not do when we are constipated. Then we can take better diet to get rid of constipation as well as you will know what we should not eat in case of constipation.

What diet should taken

  1. Curd
  2. Fiber rich vegetables
  3. Green vegetables
  4. Use lentiles
  5. Eat fresh fruits
  6.  Drink more water so that their is no problems in digesting food
  7. Take milk
  8.  Drink fruits juice
  9. Drink fluids

You should take all this diet so that you do not have the problems of constipation

  • What diet not to eat

Abstinence is very important in constipation. Because this is only thing that removes our constipation soon.

It is very important to remove the following food items from your diet so that you can get relief from constipation

  1. Fast food
  2. Cigarette
  3. Flour product
  4. Ingredients of hot chili spices and oils
  5. A types of smokeless tobacco

You should not take this diet even by mistake. These can cause an upset stomach. Any your constipation problems may increases more.

Home remedy for constipation

Anyone who has constipation it is very important to do some home remedy for constipation. Because if he is not able to do this, then problem of his constipation  does not go away. You can get relief from it with these home remedies.

drink more water

  • Drink more water :- It is said that water is our life ,It is also true. If we drink a lot of water then it gives us many benefits. Our body us made up of 70 to 80 percent of water for its fulfillment, water is very essential. If there is a shortage of water in the body, then the shape of our body changes. The result of this is that our metabolic rate is weak. Due to which we have problem like, acidity indigestion constipation to stay away from this, you can drink a lot of water. This is also one of best home remedy. The more water we drink, the better  it is, so we should drink more water.

Fenugreek vegetable

  • Fenugreek vegetable :- Winter season is on, if we eat fenugreek leave at this time, then it is better for us. This not only improve our health but along with it is also reduce stomach infection. Many people like this vegetable but those who do not like this vegetable do not get its benefits. It removes problems like constipation in two to three days. If we eat fenugreek vegetable two to three time in a week, then our constipation problems goes aways you can definitely include it as home remedy.


  • Lemon :- Lemon is used all over the would because it smells are great and tastest are great. Then whether it is from food to drink. Lemon is specially used in everything. If the body has accumulateds toxic substances, then lemon is help in removing it. If we take lemon and warm luke warm water on an empty stomach in the morning , then our weight also reduces. Those who have digestion problems. It also correct them. If there is any diseases related to the skin, then if lemon is eaten then that disease also gets cured. Because lemon is a potent anti-oxidant herb.  This lemon herb lives and is available in everyone’s house. we just have to use it properly. That’s why you can also call this home remedies medicine.

Too exercise

  • To Exercise :- Do you want to live a better and longer life, them if your answer is yes, then must exercise. Due to this, the body become strong, as well as there is agility and agility in the body through out the day, due to which we are ready to do any work throughout the day. If we do not pay attention to exercise. Then body weight increases and other types of diseases make us its victim. the nervous of the brain do not get rest due to which our mind does not remain calm and other problems also arise. To get rid of all these problems, exercise should be done regularly. It work to get rid of stress and depression. If we resort to exercise properly, it does not allow us to have problems like constipations. Because when we exercise. It reduces the excess fat of the body, due to which our weight is also reduced. And constipation also runs aways, along with this. If you take a good diet. then believe me that this is the most effective home remedy.

Lot of green vegetables

  • Eat Lots of green vegetables :- Consuming green vegetable regularly is essential for our health and internal development of the body. Eating green vegetable increases the power of our digestive system. Which generated immunity inside our body. Because of this our body gets the strength to fight against diseases. If green vegetables are used properly, then we will not have any shortage of element like protein, vitamin, iron and phosphrous. It is believed that if we consume green vegetable due to lack of blood then this deficiency goes away. Green vegetable have the specialty that it control diseases like heart diseases, cancer cholestrol and high blood pressure. And at the same time it also removes constipation, according to this it is the best recipe for home remedy.