How to remove lice from hair permanently

Lice on the head

How to remove  lice from hair permanently 

It is necessary to adopt some method to remove lice from hair permanently. So that our  head does not itch and our hair remains more thick and healthy.  It is a normal think to have lice in the head, but it is not normal to ignore this simple thing because of lice boils comes in the our head. And the skin on our head become red and rough. Due to which combing the hair becomes more painful  and it also becomes more difficult to shampoo the hair. Because doing all this a lot of troubles. This problem happen to everyone , whether it is a child a young person or an old person. But mostly you get to see this problems  of lice in the hair of small children. Because when children go to school they play with each other.

Because of which lice goes  very fast in each  other head. This lice spoils the hair as well as it start inside the hair and the work of these lice is only one. That is to drink the blood of our head to filth and infect its eggs more rapidly, So that more lice will be in the head and other diseases.

About how to remove lice from hair permantly, We will tell you its various methods through which you will be able to get rid of these lice.

  • What is lice ?

You can call lice a small insect or a parasitic creature worm-like which has six pairs. This is the skin of our head that is, you can also call it scalp in simple language. This lice is present on the scalp. Its colour is light red and black. To stay alive it drinks the blood of our scalp from which it lays its eggs and more rapidly produces more warts in the scalp. It is a little difficult not to hold the lice by hand because its running speed  is more fast also it flies and crawls faster. Because of which it is difficult to hold it with the finger of the hand. Due to lice, the moisture and shine of our hair goes aways. Because of which our hair starts breaking quickely. Also lice infects dandruffs more quickly.

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  • What causes of  lice ?

  1. Keeping hair wet for longer.
  2. Not cleaning your comb.
  3. Not cleaning the hair properly.
  4. Girls who wash their hair more often have lice in the their heads. If possible girls should wash their hair twice in the week.
  5. Not taking care of your hair.
  6. Using someone else’s comb’s.
  7. If a person has lice in his head and you go near that person more or you meet him more then lice can go to your head. Because lice runs very fast, flies and sands. That’s why you should keep a limited distance from the person who has lice on his head so that lice does not come in your head.
  8. Do not using the better quality of shampoo.
  • What are the symptoms of lice ?

  1. Itchy scalp.
  2. premature graying of hair.
  3. Boils on the scalp which is inside the hair.
  4. Feeling nauseous.
  5. Feeling embarrassed in public because of lice.
  6. Excessive dandruff in the hair due to which the hair sticks together.
  7. Reduction in hair growth.
  8. Early graying of hair at a young age
  9. Feeling like something is always moving inside the head, as if something is moving inside the hair.
  10. Quick hair loss, along with loss of shine and moisture.

All these symptoms appers after having.

  • How to avoid the lice ?

To avoid this, you have to take care of some things.

  1. Clean the hair thoroughly white taking a bath so that the dirt gets removed from inside the head.
  2. Always use a clean comb.
  3. Shampoo your hair thoroughly from time to time.
  4. We should always use most of the home remedies on hair so that these is no side effect on hair.
  5. While taking, you should keep a certain distance from any person so that the other persons lice do not enter your head.
  6. Whenever you go out of the house cover your head properly so that dust does not enter your head. It will be right for you to do this because of this lice will not come in your head.
  • What will happen to our hair if we do not remove lice from our hair ?

If we do not remove lice from our hair at the right time, then it can cause huge damage to our hair and head. It can also happen that we have many different types of diseases relateds to hair. To avoid these types of diseases, it is very important to remove the lice from your head.

Otherwise, we can have huge losses which have been told to you in this way below.

  1. The beauty of the hair will be less.
  2. These will be a lot of dirt inside the heads.
  3. Very heavy foul smell will come from the hair.
  4. These will be boils inside the head.
  5. Lice will cause excessive amount of dandruff.
  6. Soon the hair will become thin.
  7. Our head will slowely spin.
  8. These will be tremendous itching inside the head.
  9. The roots of the essences of the hair will become very weak due to which the hair will break soon.

There can be many other problems, If we do not remove the lice from our hair then it can increases more and more. To avoid these problems  it is necessary that we do not lice without hair so that this problems of various lice remain fair aways from us. That’s why you need to get the lice out of your hair.

  • Is there liquid medicals medicine available in the market to remove lice from hair ?

It will not be easy to give you a straight answer because when you go to the market, you will definitely get the liquid medicals that removes lice. Because many such medicine are being sold freely in the market. And but you should avoid these medicine. Because there is a lot of chemicals in these medicines. it is also possible that you may not get this medicine properly. And another person suits this medicine and has seen its side effect too much. That’s Why you should avoid buying market medicine.

When you feel that you needed liquid medicine to reduce lice, then you must ask your doctor once about this medicine.  the doctor advises you to take this medicine, then you must take this medicine. If your doctor does not advise you to take this medicine, then you  should not take this liquid medicine because it is right for you to do so. If you do not do this or you ignore your doctor’s advice then you may have a large amount of side effects.

  • When should we see a doctor ?

When you feel that you have used all the method, apart from this, you have also done your home remedies, but your head lice are not taking the name of reduction.

If your lice problems is increasing then you should visit your nearest doctor without any hesitation. And about this problems you should tell your whole thing to the doctor. But apart from this, you should follow all the rules mentioned during the doctor visit. So that the doctor can fully support you only and you can get rid of this problem complete.

  • What are the home remedies to remove lice from hair permanently ? 

whenever you have lice in your head, you should first resort to home remedies. So that your lice problem can be reduced, also you can avoid many side effects with this home remedies your head lice will end forever. And your hair will become beautiful, shinny, and soft. Let us know in this that which is the home remedies through which we can remove the lice  from our hair permanently.

Which below you have been told home remedies in this way. 

  • Onion juice :-

Onion juice Onion juice also come in the list of home remedies to remove lice from the head. Because when we apply onion juice on the hair or spray it on the head, the lice run away from the smell of onion. The one who will get rid of all the lice in our head. The one who has lice in his head must adopt this remedy twice a week. This recipe is also  a great home remedies  to remove lice from hair permanently . 

How to make onion juice  

  1. You take two or three onion according to your choice.
  2. After that, grind the onion into a grander or mixer and make a fine paste.
  3. Take a clean cloth, you have to filter the onion juice in it, So that you will get this onion juice.
  4. All you have to do is apply this onion juice on your head, Surely with this home remedies your head lice will be eradicated from the root.
  • Coconut oil and camphor :-

Coconut oil and camphor

By the way applying coconut oil is very healthy for our health. But if we apply camphor along with coconut oil, then our body gets double benefits. As facial sports and wrinkles are reduced. Applying this recipe on the skin increases the beauty of the skin. Women who have frequency acne on their face should also apply this coconut oil and camphor. So that the pimple on the face can go aways. If there is any problem related to hair, then it also cures it. Also cures chronic fungal infection. Because coconut oil and camphor have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Whenever the hair starts breaking  or there is too much dandruff or there is too much lice in the hair then you should apply coconut oil and camphor. Because the smell of camphor be tolerated by lice and it quickely runs away from the hair. This shown that it is an effective home remedies to remove lice from hair permanently.  

Coconut oil and camphor method to remove lice from hair permanently

  1. Take a steel bowl and put coconut  oil and ground camphor in it.
  2. Mix it well with a spoon.
  3. It is very easy to make this home remedies because coconut oil and camphor are easily available in our kitchen. It turn out it’s not too difficult to make.
  4. This recipe only take five minute to make.
  5. You can apply coconut oil and camphor whenever you want. As you can apply it on the skin on face and also on the hair. This is one of the best home remedies to remove lice from hair permanently. 
  • Leaves of then Neem or Azadirachta indica A trees  :-

Neems leaves

Neem has a very special importance in our indian Ayurveda. Because many types of Ayurvedic medicines with medicinal properties shampoo  soap and many antibiotic are made from neem trees. Neem contain antibacterials element which cure many diseases. This neem protect us from any kind of itching. If you apply crushed neem leaves on the skin, then your skin become beautiful shinny and glowing. Even if there is any fungal infection on the skin, it also remove it. If you have too many lice in your head head and you want to remove these lice easily, then you must use this home remedies. Which will prove to be very effective for you to remove the lice from hair permanently .

Azadirachta a tree leaves medicine method to remove lice from hair permanently.

  1. You cut four or five small branches of neem and wash the leave of those branches with clean water so that the clean water so that the dust and soil of those leaves are removed.
  2. You have to put those leaves in a vessel and you have to put three- fourth of clean water it.
  3. You have to boil neem leaves in water, that too well.
  4. After boiling neem leaves in water, you have to cool that water.
  5. After cooling the water, you have to massage your head well with neem water.
  6. After that you have to wash your hair with cold water. That’s all you have to do. If you do this twice in week your head lice will be remove from your hair permanently.