Simple chicken biryani receipe

Simple chicken biryani receipe

Simple step of chicken biryani receipe 

Who does not like non-veg even today 80 percent person in our county eat only non-veg food. Only 20 percent of people are thinking about eating healthy food. But if it is about chicken and mutton biriyani, then people like to eat it with great gusto. Chicken and mutton biriyani india was introduce by Mughal maharajas and kings, thank to them. Difference types of spicy and spicy biriyani are made in different state across our county. Although biriyani includes mutton, chicken, fish, etc, but chicken and mutton biriyani is consideres very uniques. Because it is made by mixing rices and  chicken and adding spices etc to it.

You mostly see this food in weddings and parties of muslims and parsis. In a huge country like india, perhaps no other dish it clear that people  in our country are always excites to eat biryani. Because its taste is very good. While eating only one word come out of our mouth. What is it that people say. Let us try to learn how to make simple chicken biryani  receipe That too with her beautiful hands.

  • How many names and types of chicken biriyani are made ? 

Actually , 23 types of chicken biriyani are prepare and eaten in difference states according to their taste because each state has its own distinct taste. Lets us known which are those 23 biriyani  which are made in differents states. 

  1. Hyderabadi biriyani
  2. Mutton biriyani
  3. Ambur chicken biriyani
  4. Prawn chicken biriyani
  5. Malabar chicken biriyani
  6. Mughlai shahi biriyani
  7. Bombay dum biriyani
  8. Korma biriyani
  9. Handi biriyani
  10. Madkka biriyani
  11. Butter chicken biriyani
  12. Fried chicken biriyani
  13. Chicken dum biriyani
  14. Indian chicken biriyani
  15. Pressure cooker biriyani
  16. Chicken fry biriyani
  17. Anda biriyani
  18. Fried chicken biriyani
  19. Simple chicken biriyani
  20. Authentic chicken biriyani 
  21. Veg biriyani 
  22. Veg dum biriyani
  23. Special hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani

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  • Which ingredients list of includes in biriyani ?

  1. 1 kg chicken
  2. Basmati rice 750 gram 
  3. Half chopp ginger
  4. Half chopp garlic
  5. Four to five long chopped green chilies
  6. 1 bowl curd
  7. One teaspoon red chill powder
  8. Some chopped mint leaves 
  9. Take choppe coriander leaves as per the taste of chicken
  10. Half cup ghee
  11. Kewra water
  12. 4\5 cloves should be taken
  13. According to the avastakaa 3\4 bay leaves 
  14. Take 5\6 green cordmons
  15. Take salt as per your taste
  16. Mild garam masala 
  17. Take four to five finely chopp onions
  18. one nutmeg
  • Paste  to make simple chicken biryani receipe ? 

  1. First of all wash ginger, garlic, onion, mint, leaves, green, coriander, with clean water.
  2. Wash thoroughly with water to removes all dust.
  3. Cut ginger, garlic, green, chili, onion, and green coriander,  so that we can grind it well in the mixer
  4. Take out all the paste from the mixer in a glass bowl.
  • How to make biriyani flavors  ? 

  1. You have to wash 1 kg chicken with good clean water and also add lemon juice to the chicken so that its bad smell goes aways.
  2. After that you have to add the garlic and ginger paste you have made to the chicken. Now add lemon juice, green chilies coriander leaves, mint leaves read chilies salt turmeric a bowl of curd garam masala ground with your hands ginger garlic paste and a little oil and mix it well. Leaves this chicken to marinate for half an hour.
  3. You have to cut the onion by making long cuts of two to three onion. You have to keep these onion pieces in a plate and add to a little salt to them. This is done so that the onion drain properly so that when the onion are put in hot oil, they get fried properly and they get a golden  color textures, hence this is done.
  4. Take 1 medium sizes vessel. Now you have to put it on the gas and add oil in it and keeps this oil on medium flame and let it heat. Now you have to add three to four cloves, green cardamom, bay leaf and cumin seeds in hot oil. All these have to be allowed to crackle well in oil. Now add the marinate chicken in this oil and cook it unit it is 80 percent cooked. When 80 percent is cooke here, you have to turm of the gas
  5. You have to pour three fourthus of water in another vessel and place it on the gas and heat the water. Also in that hot water you have to add 750 gram of rices, cloves, cardamon, bay leaf, lemon juice, and three to four spoon of ghee. You have to cook this rice till 50 percent now the gas has to be stoppe today. You have to filter the rice from hot water and pour all the rice in the vessel in which you have cooked the chicken. Now keep the gas flame on medium  and add 4\5 to spoon of desi ghee, fried onion, remaining coriander, mint leaves, and two or three drops of kewra water.  Kewra water is adde so that we can get the pleasant aroma of biriyani. Finally now cover a big plate and let in simmer for 10 to 15 minute. This simple chicken biriyani receipe is ready in a few minutes.
  • Pressure cooker biriyani ? 

Like, apart from pots many people are also found of eating pressure cooker biriyani. Because the rice of biriyani is very soft and the chicken is also well cooke. That’s if you make it in a pressure cooker instead of a vessel, its taste increase even more. All the remaining spices and ingredients will remain the same. Only it will be made in a pressure cooker instead of a vessel.

  • Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani  receipe ? 

Compared to normal chicken biriyani hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani is much better to eat because its taste is much better. But one thing is that is that there is a lot of different in the taste is chicken biriyani and hyderabadi dum biriyani. But if there is a better taste in food then it is hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani. For normal chicken biriyani, we cook rice and chicken half in seperate utensils. Then we take out the vessel in which the rice is containe, add the rices to the vessel in which we have cooked the chicken and cook it completely.

This is how we cook chicken biriyani. This is what we simple chicken  biryani receipe. But this does not happen in hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani receipe, rather we cook rice and chicken together, the rice is stream and cooked. That’s is what we call hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani receipe.  The speciality of this biriyani is that the rice in it gives you a great taste in food. You get better color in taste and better aroma food.

  • Hyderabadi biriyani ingredients ? 

  1. The ingredients we use in simple chicken biriyani  are the same ingredients you have to use in hyderabadi chicken dum biriyani receipe. All ingredients list will remain the same as listed.
  2. You just have to use kewra water in chicken biriyani, but in this dum biriyani instead of just using kewra water, you have to add a little milk mixed with saffron.