Highest protein breakfast

Highest protein breakfast

Highest protein breakfast

Having breakfast is a part of our life. This is the only way to replenish our energy and protein. Our breakfast should be rich in highest protein breakfast and not from high oil and fast food. You must have an idea that we should not have breakfast in the morning just for the name but what should you eat for breakfast. You should know this Some people consume delicacies made with oil like samosa, pakoda, bhajiya, in the morning for empty names. All these dishes can be harmful for the our health. You must know what we should and should can not eat for breakfast. You have to keep in mind that we should always have healthy breakfast.

why do we need breakfast for the day  ?

Breakfast is very importance for us in the morning only by this our lack of protein and energy is remove. If you skip your breakfast or don’t do it then you may have to bear the heavy brut of it. By not eating breakfast, you are likely to get acidity and many types of acids are also formed in the stomach. According to the doctor you should not skip breakfast in the morning. If you do this then the balance of your body completely get disturbe. Especially you should not consume fried, roasted and more sweet thing in breakfast. It has a direct effects on the digestive system and we become victim of many diseases.

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What should we eat for breakfast ?

If seen, you should try to have your breakfast like a king. As such you should consume the highest protein breakfast. You should never skimp on this. As far as possible you want to eat a healthy breakfast.

This is the top highest protein breakfast.

Moog dal dosa :-

moong dal dosa

Dosa is a delicious dish made in everyone’s home. This is especially a famous receipe of south india. It is vey easy to digest. It is very easy to make this dish and it is also consider easy to digest. Dosa is made and eaten in many different way not only in india but all over the world,  dosa is made and eaten in different ways. You must have tasted many type of dosa receipes, but slightly different style. If you eat moong dal dosa, then you will get a lot of protein and carbohydrates from it. If seen, dosa is made from rice, but this dosa is of a slightly different types. It is made from moog dal and vegetable. Its taste is amazing. You can include it in your morning breakfast.

Milk :-


Our life has started by drinking milk for this reason you can consider it as a complete diet. You can also call it nector. Talking about milk, every element is present in it which is essential for our body. Milk is responsible for fulfilling the needs of calcium because milk is rich in calcium. Its job is to strengthen our teeth and bones of our body. If you drink milk at night instead of in the morning then you get more benefit from it. If you use milk in the morning breakfast then you body muscles develop well.

Fruits :-


If you want veg breakfast then you should include fruits in your morning breakfast. Natural sweetness is found in fruits, due to which we find fruits sweet and feel good too. All types of protein are present in fruits. You will be surprise to know that more protein is found inside fruit than non-veg. According to the report, people who eat fruits are more healthy, than those who who do not eat fruit. It takes less effort to digest fruits as compare to grains. Apart from this, you can drink many types of fruit juices in summer and this gives you agility and agility. If you are found of sweet then you can consume fruits instead of sweet dishes. This will reduce your risk of diabetes. According to the doctor, if you consume fruits, then you are less sick.

Paneer chana chat :-

Paneer chana chat

Chana is eaten to keep the body fit. There are some valuble element in gram which work to keep our body healthy. This is the food that comes in the list of highest protein. If you want to try something new then you must try it. If you are not into cooking and you are preparing to eat a good breakfast then this paneer chana chat is for you. There are two benefit of eating chana chat. The first is that it tastes good in food and the second is the that it makes and body strong, energetic, beautiful and attractive.

This paneer chana chat is very easy to make. Soak a handful of gram in water at night and in the morning you have to boil it and add some cheese and some vegetables. Add vegetables like tamato, chili, coriander, lemon, onion, pome granate seeds green pean, green coriander and fry it less oil. This is a quick breakfast. Now it’s just too late to eat it.

Banana protein shake :-

banana protein shake

The day should start with our breakfast. This meal should be our royal type. So that we can work with energy throughout the day. The name of this meal is banana protein shake. Making this shake is just a pinch. You don’t have to work hard to make this. For this you will need banana, almond, honey, protein powder, peanut better, milk, dates, and jaggery. Now all you have to do is grind it in a mixer. In few minute your banana protein shake is ready and you can drink it. It taste you will get good of it. Banana protein will meet your every protein requirement. In a few days you will get the result of thin shake.

Rajma salad :-

Rajma Salad

Oh hearing the name of rajma across india, we are reminde of rajma chawal. Of course, soake grain are consume to stay healthy. There is no doubt that kindey beans are essential for the strength of our body. Rajma contains good nutritional value. It benefit us, but apart from this, it also control the increasing weight. I will tell you about the receipe of highest protein breakfast to be prepare instantly. We also call it kindey beans in simple language. As much as rajma is beautiful in rajma salad is a quick breakfast receipe. You must have eaten all kinds of salad. But if we eat rajma salad, then this salad contains more protein other salads.

It’s not as different as we think of this salad. It is very easy to make. You have  to take 100 gm of  kidney beans. You have to soak 100 gm of kidney beans in water for 7 to 8 hours. Alter completing this process, you have to boil the rajma in hot water. After is you have to add green vegetables according to your mind and add salt according to taste. That’s all you have to do make it and you can eat it. This salad will remove the weakness of the your body.