what hemorrhoids and cream for hemorrhoids

what hemorrhoids and cream for hemorrhoids

what hemorrhoids and cream for hemorrhoids

First of all we need to know what is piles. You can call it anus diseases. Piles is a dreaded types of anus disease and this  diseases is very pain full . Swelling and pain inside and outside the anus during bowel movement. Its pain is very unbearable when we do bowel movement.

types of hemorrhoids

There are two types of this disease.

  1. Bleeding piles
  2. Internal and external hemorrhoids

Bleeding piles :- In blood piles, there is a flow of bleeding during bowel movement. We can say in simple language that blood comes in it. If we do not tread piles properly. Then we may have to go through the operation.

Internal and external hemorrhoids :- Usually there is swelling itching and pain on the inside and outside of the anus . When we try to defecate, the way through which our stool come out it hurt. Due to which we are not able to defecate properly. This is what we call internal hemorrhoids. On the other hand, in external hemorrhoid. There is a  wound on the anus this is what we call external piles.

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What are the symptoms of piles ?

When a person has piles then these symptom are found in them. Which is like this.

  • stomach upset
  • Pain , itching and swelling along the passageway
  • reddening of the anus
  • Lack of urge to defecate
  • Loss of strength in body after defecation
  • Extreme pain during defecation or bleeding from that place.

If  you find any of these symptoms different, then you should go to your doctor and talk about it.

What should we not consume piles ?

Especially we should remove the things containing oil and more chili spices from our diet in piles. Generally, you should stay away from these things which are like this. Potato, brinjal, egg, rajma, meat, and if possible, you should use lentils very less. Also, you have to drink less tea.

What cause hemorrhoids ?

There can be many reasons for getting piles. Due to what, reasons piles can be caused it will not be right to say in one word. There can be many reasons for getting this disease which are as follow

  • First reasons not to digest food properly
  • Stomach is always upset
  • Do not pay attention to your food, eat whatever you want.
  • Consuming more only of fast food and also consuming more only substances
  • Eating more spicy things
  • There could be another reasons for this which is given as follows. This diseases can also be due to heredity.
  • Sitting in one place for a long time
  • Consuming thing that generate more heat in the body.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids ?

We should keep in mind that we should not eat such things which cause upset stomach. Its full effect is on our stomach. The result of which is that our hemorrhoids increases. In this sense, we should eat every food item by measuring it.

What should be eaten in piles ?

People who have the problems of piles. They  are should avoid eating heavy food. They should always eat light and less chily food. They should include things like fruits, green vegetables curd milk paneer pulse in their diet. And if possible you should consume easily digestible things. Apart from this, you should consume things with fiber. And drink more and more water.

How to cure piles ?

First all you should go to your doctor and consult him. And listern carefully to what the doctor say. Also, you should avoid the food item that the doctor says. This will cure your piles as soon as possible.

How to cure piles at home ?

Most important you should pay attention to your food, If you do this than half of your piles will end here. Because it is the food that cures piles or increase piles. After this you should eat cold and light things . And if possible, you should use a cream to reduce hemorroids. If will give you good rest. And in a few days your piles problems will be over.

The best cream to reduce piles is given below in this way. Which is following ? 

  1. Pilogo
  2. pilex Forto
  3. Anovate
  4. Doctor bayler’s hemorrohoids and fissure ointment
  5. Handesa